Filigree Glass

On my ramblings today, I came across Cozy Cove Market and – among other things that will be blogged about in good time – I was interested to see the effects that had been created with a rather interesting window design, which I hadn’t seen before.

Filigree window (detail) It used a texture to give the effect of wrought ironwork on the glass; I checked outside too, and the effect was apparent there – although, possibly because the store was very well-lit, it was actually easier to stand outside the house and see the inside through the window, than it was to be inside the house and looking out.

I could see this design feature working well in certain Southern European styles (Spanish, anyone?) and certainly Levantine and Arabian. Indeed, it did remind me of features that I saw in Istanbul, used for segregating women from men in historical residences. It’s certainlyy not the total seal that privacy glass represents … but then it gives a pleasant semi-mak effect whichever side of the glass you stand.

Ah well, if you see any windows that follow a similar idea, do let me know!


Window and furniture on display all by Paige Raven and available from Cozy Cottages Interior Design

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