More glorious glass

crystal As my regular readers will know, I am a fan of glassware. And recently I came across this lovely crystal decanter at Dellybean North’s True North Design. It’s part of a larger set – and is really another example of the terrific work she does with glass (as I mentioned in my post on her outlet in Salzburg village) – and something that is actually quite harder to convey in a photo. In fact – don’t take my word for it; go and visit her store yourself, because this is glassware that needs to be handled to be properly appreciated.

And there’s another good reason for visiting True North Design – it’s one of the stores participating in the Prim Perfect Treasure Hunt!

But Delly’s isn’t the only glassware that I’ve been admiring recently. I was on an abortive visit to a store that was seemingly defunct, and as I gazed around, frustrated, something caught my eye on the horizon – a building seemingly made out of stained glass.

isra_1 How could I resist?

Well, clearly, I couldn’t – and that was how I found Irsa Dabu’s store – Sparkling Chamber. It’s a fascinating place, with walls entirely made of stained glass. There’s some Tiffany ware, some produced by the Arts and Crafts movement – and quite a bit from church and cathedral windows (I think I recognised a window from Chartres among others). I found it particularly impressive how she is about to capture the effect of translucency and yet, at the same time, preserve the vibrantly rich colours that one sees in good stained glass. And, in addition, she has used glass for tiling, which creates a very rich effect throughout the whole building. I couldn’t see any of that for sale – but I’m thinking of seeing if she would be open to moving into a new area for those who fall in love with some of her textures.

isra_2 These are apparent in the vases she has built. Some are heavy and almost even chunky where she has used tiles to create a mosaic effect although so wonderfully rich and tactile that I couldn’t resist adding one to my collections. But she has also used her glass for more delicate effects.

All in all, Irsa has created a richly vivid store that is well worth a visit if you love glass, or are even just interested in seeing some new possibilities.

I left there murmuring, “Y’know … I could use glass to divide up the Prim Perfect Office. It would be … like … only 1 prim and … ”

No! I need all my prims for now – because I’m currently undertaking a Very Exciting Delivery – of which more later.


Crystal Decanter and other crystal ware designed by Dellybean North and available at True North Design
Stained glass and vases by Irsa Dabu and available at Sparkling Chamber.


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