What’s in Prim Perfect? A Treasure Hunt!

logo We’re getting very close to the launch of Prim Perfect – Second Life’s first Interior Design magazine for Homes and Gardens, and we’re pulling together a bunch of great articles – and other things. So I thought that I’d share some of what you can expect to see with you here – in several articles over this weekend.

You’ll be able to spot these articles easily because – like this one – they’ll all have the Prim Perfect logo at the top left – and clicking on the image will take you to the launch poster. If you’d like a copy of the launch poster to display in game, contact Saffia Widdershins in Second Life.

So, you are asking, what is this Treasure Hunt?

It’s one of several great competitions we’ll be having in the first edition of Second Life. Basically, we’ve hidden the Prim Perfect logo that you can see at the top of this page in several stores in Second Life. We’ll be printing a list of those stores in the magazine.

All you have to do is visit the stores and find the locations of the logos (the Slurls- or the exact address that you will see at the top of your Second Life Screen).

You send a list of these to Saffia Widdershins, and those players who find the most and who answer a simple tie-breaker will win lovely prizes from some of the top stores in Second Life! Details of the prizes will appear in the magazine – so make sure you pick up a copy!


  1. Great concept! Can’t wait to read it. BTW, is there going to be a category for Real Estate? Also, do you have a swap ads program whereas we could exchange ads for our respective websites?

    Thanks and good luck with your publication.


  2. There will be a category for real estate – and estate agents can definitely advertise in the magazine!

    There’ll be a blog item shortly about exciting work we’re doing with sim owners – and more land agents and sim owners will be able to get involved!

    To discuss ad swaps and advertising contact me, Saffia Widdershins – either with an IM or notecard in world, or email me at saffia.widdershins@gmail.com

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