What’s in Prim Perfect? Showcase!

logo So, what else will be in Prim Perfect?

Well, the starry centre of the magazine comes in four parts to make up our Showcase!

Every month, we’re going to choose an interesting sim, and take an bare apartment (or cottage, cabin, sky box, ski lodge) in that sim. And each month we’ll give that place to a top SL designer and ask them to design and furnish it.

The real challenge? To do that all for a low prim count – the sort of level that any landlord might permit any tenant!

Then the magazine will feature an article on the designer, another on the sim and another on the apartment itself – with the designer explaining the choices that she or he made.

But wait a minute (I hear you cry). Designer, sim, apartment – that’s only three parts! Where’s the fourth?

Well, that’s the most exciting part of all. Each month, one lucky reader will have the chance to win a month’s free rental of that apartment, fully designed and furnished. To stand a chance of winning, all you have to do is to answer three questions from the magazine, and complete a simple tie-breaker.

So watch out fro Prim Perfect – SL’s First Magazine for Homes and Gardens – and coming to a vendor near you on May 1st!

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