But how will I get my copy of Prim Perfect?

vendor The main focus of excitement for me this weekend was the delivery of my new vendor, built by Arthur Fermi of Fermi’s Designs.

Obviously, when you’re producing a new magazine, distribution is key. I’m lucky in having a clear target audience; furniture designers and stores are agreeing to stock it (and hey, loyal readers, if you go to a furniture store AFTER May 1st and there isn’t a Prim Perfect vendor on display, why not ask the owner to start stocking it?). It should also be available at the major book-stores and magazine places. Indeed, Macaroni Kidd already has a poster at his place, Mac’s Newsstand, advertising it (Macaroni’s is a great store for all the PG newspapers and magazines).

But that rather begs the question: how do I make sure the magazine gets to all these places? What format does it need to be in?

Just as I was pondering these questions, I was fortunate enough to run into Valerie Rosewood of Kisses Magazine, the women’s magazine for lesbians. Kisses is produced as a very easy to read Thinc Book, and I must admit that once Valerie showed me how good it could look, I was sold. I’m still planning on producing a pdf version, but I’m now primarily focused on the Thinc Book, which will have a real in-world presence.

However – how to distribute it? After all, no-one wants to schlep around the SL universe with a pile of Thinc books under one’s arm …

At this point, Valerie told me about the talented Arthur Fermi of Fermi’s Designs, who builds custom vendors for Thinc Books – among a great many other things. Indeed, he’s made a wonderful giant pink lipstick vendor for Kisses. So I went to see Arthur, and he was happy to oblige.

Arthur’s place is great fun. Together with a number of other stores, it is built around an open sandbox which is, it seems to me, frequently in a state of cheerfully controlled anarchy, with Arthur and his cohorts working on new designs. They are also very willing to advise and help people who go along with ideas and specific problems.

As a result of Arthur’s hard work, we have the rather elegant armoire that you see at the head of this post. I have a server (which will be stored in the special server room at the Prim Perfect Offices), and every time a new magazine is published, I simply update the server – and then the vendors across SL will update automatically (all this is probably not news to chain store managers who will – I hope – be smiling indulgently at the newbie-on-the-block’s fascination with the new technology).

Over the new few days, these vendors will be appearing across SL. If you spot one – post a comment here and let me know! Ane if you don’t find one where you think there ought to be one after May 1st – write and let me know that too!

If you can’t find a vendor, and can’t coime to Venice Island to the Prim Perfect Offices (where there will definitely be vendors) , you will be able to get the magazine through SLBoutique or SL Exchange after May 1st.

So – happy reading!

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