Thinking about things: Part 2

office_fountain I’ve talked before about the meditation corner in my office which is free for anyone to use, and how the central cushion is surrounded by different objects representing the four elements.

The element of water is represented by a small and very beautiful meditation fountain, which was actually a gift from Lily Lioncourt, whose amazing store Fire and Water I visited to purchase the fountain in the middle of the Reception area in my offices (shown in the top left pic and larger here.).

As you might recall, when I set up my second offices in Venice, I was faced with the challenge of keeping my prim count low, without making the large reception area look empty. I needed an eye-catcher – and I went for a fountain.

And explorations suggested that there were no finer fountains to be had than the ones you will find at Lily Lioncourt’s Fire and Water, so it was there that I made my way.

fire_and_water I was not disappointed.

Regular readers will know that I’m fascinated by how stores are laid out to entice and attract the customers, and Lily’s store is a fascinating example of this. In many ways, it seems more like a garden sim, with paths and pavilions laid out to tempt the eyes and lead the visitor to relax and meditate – and, perhaps, to seek more sybaritic pleasures too.

The fountains come in many forms, ranging from the formal and sculptured, such as my own office fountain(which you can see here in situ at Fire and Water), some strikingly modern pieces of water sculpture, and some beautifully wild arrangements (such as can be seen here). I must admit to be sorely tempted by some of the wild fountains; the only things that restrained me were:

1) the fact that a wild cascade might look just a leeetle out of place in aVenice office, and

2) as the whole idea of getting a fountain was to have a relatively low prim eyecatcher, goingfor a 30 prim extravagnza of plants andjars and rocks and gushing water was somewhat self-defeating.

So I went for my low prim classical fountain instead, and I love it, from the tip of its fullsome curves of water to the elegrance of the stonework that runs around its base.

The Fire of the name is not neglected either. There are various votive fires, braziers and torches in the gardens, and inside the main building as well, as you can see here.

My only – and minor – reservation in the banner for the store which hangs as a block over the gardens. Personally, I would rather have an uninterrupted skyline – but I can see that it might be needed if only to remind people that this is a store and not simply a beautiful pleasure-ground.

meditation_fountainAnd the meditation fountain? Well, while I was there, I was lucky enough to meet Lily and have a chat with her about fountains, and her store, and I mentioned to her that a friend of mine was looking for a meditation fountain. She very kindly gave me this one, and suggested that I keep a copy for myself, which I’ve done.

In fact, it was watching the lovely moving patterns in the small bowl that os the meditation fountain that gave me the idea for having the arrangement for meditation in my office in the first place!

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