Prim Perfect “How to” Guides: Issue 6

Working with linked prmsAs regular readers of the Prim Perfect magazine will know, each month we have a “How to … ” guide.This month, in Issue 6 of Prim Perfect Brandy Rasmusson, the winner of our October Star Prize of a Cottage in Winterfell, explained she decorated her cottage for Christmas.

And, as we usually do, we have taken the article from the previous issue – Issue 5 of Prim Perfect and added it to the website. This is a very important guide, written with the help and advice of Sky Everrett (of L’Utopie), on how you can use linked (and very carefully unlinked) prims to edit furniture. But this only works in some cases, because it depends on the permissions set on the furniture.

So, how do permissions work?

Fortunately, we had an article explaining just that (You Gotta Have Permissions) for Issue 4 of Prim Perfect – and that guide is posted to the web here.

It’s our policy to post the “How to” Guides to the web a month after they’ve appeared in the magazine, so that users can access them easily.

Already published:

You’ll also find them listed in the right hand menu of this blog.

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