The Art of Christmas at Patron Gallery

For those with refined taste, a trip to Patron Gallery is always a joy. But Eliza Wierwight and Igor Ballyhoo have simply outdone themselves in the spirit of the season. Eliza has dedicated an entire wing of her gorgeous showroom to their holiday creations and, amazingly, seems to be conjuring new objets d’art every day.

Yesterday, in fact, it was her Bohemian Hedonist Christmas Tree: a petite pine anchored in a bucket of fine champagne, complete with two elegant glasses. This is exemplary of the array of sophisticated decorations and gifts, from incredible animated trees (my favorites are the Dragonfly and the Liquid Platinum), exquisite snow globes, wish stones with both contemplative and cuddle poses, her wonderful ottoman which comes complete with candy canes, and a line of the poshest teddy bears you’ve ever seen – include one modeled after Frida Kahlo!

Even if you aren’t shopping, a trip to Patron over the holidays is well worth it just to see her beautiful creations. But if you are looking for a unique gift for the avatar “who has everything”, then you can do no better than Patron!

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