Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 5 – DreamSeeker Aika

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

It’s now day five of  Fashion For Life 2012, a half way through, and I missed a day! Tuesday was consumed by filming for Prim Perfects sister TV show Designing Worlds but today we return to task and starting back in FFL It’s Time we are going to head north into the “Timeless” arm of the event sims.

The FFL total has now reached 3.8 million linden dollars an amazing 15 thousand US dollars. Now before you visit today’s featured sim, go grab a friend or two and bring them with you. They’ll thank you for it, and so will we all.

Five days down means 5 days to go and it not unreasonable to expect to see that total push through four and past five million Lindens before the close.

Back inworld we push through the Purple Moon store and walk out over the bridge to the sim beyond. As we step over the threshold the lighting dissolves away to a subtle purple hued sky, a light mist hangs around. We have entered DreamSeeker Aika, sponsored by Lapointe and Bastchild and built by Cory Edo.

Before we enter here is the wonderful map created by Roscko Cobalt whose own sim design we will be visiting tomorrow.

DreamSeeker Aika map by Roscko Cobalt

We are standing on the Southern edge of a large town square, ringed by low rise retail buildings, whose subtle glowing lights lend atmosphere to the misty night time scene. An inner ring of purple and red hued trees melt into the grungy, burgundy night sky. Away in the centre, towering higher than any other building is the Lapointe and Bastchild store, with bold signage and a wonderful clock with exposed workings.

The sim is paved throughout and is the most open of any that we have seen so far. The low rise buildings and the square have a somewhat Europena feel to them and yet the planting is more tropical, so whilst I am not sure that the intention here is to be reminiscent of any specific location, to me it has a humid warmth and spanish colonial styling that evokes thoughts of a Mexican or perhaps Peruvian city.

I particularly liked the subtlety of the diffuse lighting that emanates from the square lights sported by every building around the sim. The buildings themselves are simple and uniform, the vegetation, low prim nd low script, the result is perhaps the least lag I have experienced in any of the sims so far.

As we wander around the square visting each store the pleasant open layout is refreshing. It is however a testimony to the choice of settings made by the designer that the atmosphere here is so rich. Below you will see an image taken using the settings recomended by Cory, and another taken using default non-windlight daytime. It is a very different place. Easier to photograph of course, but somewhat cold and certainly less interesting when bereft of that gloomy, late evening, ambience.

The inner square, lined with foliage has street lamps and pathways which lead to the gatcha areas, as in all the sims there are some great random gifts to be found in these vendors.

In the very centre, we find the dominant Lapoint and Bastchild building, if like me you have trouble resisitng footware then go see their FFL 100% donation vendors.  L&B have made a range of boots available with all proceeds going to the charity and a special fatpack of all the colours is available.

From here we head North to the border with DreamSeeker Czas, our first stop tomorrow. Just glimpsed across the border it looks to be a fun fantasy setting, so hurry back and join us.


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