Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 6 – DreamSeeker Czas

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

Day six of  Fashion For Life 2012 dawns , and we are looking North from DreamSeeker Aika into the lush, fantasy world of DreamSeeker Czas  sponsored by AngelWing and built by Roscko Cobalt. For the linguistically curious amongst you, Czas is the Polish word for time.

The FFL total has burst through the four million linden dollar barrier,  which takes the total in US dollars to over 16,500. But…there are four days to go. So now is the time to go tell your friends; facebook, tweet, run into the street and holler, there are some amazing things to see and buy here and in four days it will be gone.

As we walk entranced and open mouthed towards the fountains, visible ahead, the sky shifts from the murky purple night time hues to a starkly different, but strangely similar, purple hued sky. Gone is then night time, the mists have evaporated, we look upon Czas as the sun rises.

Here, as usual now, is the wonderful map created by Roscko Cobalt, who built Czas too!

DreamSeeker Czas (map by Roscko Cobalt)

We are standing at the southern most tip of the region ahead is a lake of mauve water, and in its midst, a shimmering waterfall formed from water, cascading from two magical floating islands.

There is a second similar lake to the north, and the path circumscribes a figure eight with the sponsor, AngelWing’s, store in the centre.

The imaginative design elements here draw from fairy tale princesses and fae, giant toadstools sprout all about, enrmous crystals glow ethereally from atop ancient stone walls. The stores, as with most sims are all but identical, this now only makes the work involved for the designer more manageable but ensures that arguments about who has the better pitch etc are contained as much as possible. It is important to deal with this feature in an appropriate manner, In the last sim we visited,the uniformity of the architecture was a feature of the square the repitition broken by the occasioanl staggering of the units. Here careful use of the muted purple and pink colour pallette and their arrangemeny along the curved pathway ensure that the walk around is never monotonous. The units themselves are best described as organic pagodas, looking part pumpkin, part bedouine tent, part chinese pagoda, the effect is a set of really rather striking buildings that the store owners must have be thrilled to be able to use.

As we walk along the curved pathway we find the fairy tale castle that is home to AngelWing, the sponsors.Take a moment to look out to east or west through the delicate gold railings, across the purple sea.

You can choose to cross through the store and out of the other side circling to the north in the contrary direction, or to carry on round as you were. At the northernmost tip you can head south into the gatcha area, while further to the north is a sim that we will not be featuring but which is well worth a visit. The main American Cancer Society (ACS) Island and the RFL warehouse.

This is as far north as we can head and it is time to turn about and head back south to “It’s Time” and follow another arm of the cross. Our next visit will be to the first of the “Past” sims, heading east from It’s time we will be sampling the wares in Medieval DreamSeeker Epoque.


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