Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 6 (part 2) – DreamSeeker Epoque

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

It’s stil day Six (just) and I have another review for you. This is to bring us back on track. We have not long ago walked back from the fae fantasy land of Czas in the north and back into It’s time and so now we turn east and head back into the past. The castellated build of Emotions opens out onto a bridge and ahead we see a small circular fountain in the street. Beyond that over a solid wooden bridge and hidden in the trees is a large castle that towers high above the town.We have entered the kingdom know as DreamSeeker Epoque, sponsored by Tres Beau and built by Rathmeous Dagger with Alecto Vella.

The sim is aligned east to west and more or less symetrical with a similar fountain and gateway found on the eastern border. Here is for reference is the map produced by the hard working Roscko Cobalt.

As we walk along the cobblestones, there is a palpable atmosphere. a horse grazing on the common land. The fishmonger selling his wares from one of the many market stalls that have squeezed themselves between the array of pretty half timbered shoppes.

The shoppes themselves, jostling for position on the narrow cobbled streets. The once defensive moat, now a source of fish for the local fish monger, surrounds the castle which is accessed via four bridges.

Rathmeous and Alecto have created a charming medieval town. You barely notice the identical buildings that serve as the shoppes for because of the variety of different textures applied.

The attention to detail in the build is wonderful. take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous planting, looking so natural and peaceful, and keep your eyes open for small details.

I will let you in to a little secret if you promise not to tell Alecto that I spilled the beans. There is a secret passage in the castle; hidden carefully behind one of the large plant urns in the corner of the store.

If you can manage to slip behind the curtains you will find a staircase that takes you up to the upper floors of the castle. Here you can sit and relax, perhaps use the vantage point to do some cam shopping as you take the weight off your feet. Just don’t eat all her fig pie or Alecto will know you’ve been there.

The stairs can take you all the way up to the top of the tower where the true beauty of medieval masonary can be seen.

Refreshed and restored after these long days of shopping we return to the shopping experience. The Gatcha building can be found on the northern edge of the path in a unique building of its own. Take your time in Epoque, enjoy the wodnerful wares for sale and explore and revel in the details. Rest well tonight, for tomorrow we will carry on further eastwards, and further back in time, as we find ourselves transported to an ancient roman outpost in DreamSeeker Momentum.

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