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In Belegaer

In Belegaer, looking over to the Bay of Balfalas

A message has gone out to the friends and followers of the beautiful park regions of the Calas Galadhon estate (which we have featured twice on the Designing Worlds show – here and here; it also made an appearance as the “country” location in the One Billion Rising video!).

Tymus Tenk, co-owner with Truck Meredith, writes:

It is with regret that because of new rl challenges for both Truck and I, it will be necessary that we close Calas Galadhon Park sims to the general public on Monday, August 1, for a period of time.  This unfortunately must include our live music program for that time as well.

To continue financially carrying the estate on our own, we will need to drop at least 4 of our 13 regions and possibly make another of the homesteads into an OpenSpace.  At this time we see that the sims that will be removed are Bay of Balfalas, the new water sims of Belegaer & Sea of Nurnen and regretfully, Eryn Vorn. Those of you who have come to know us over the past 4 ½ years, can imagine how difficult it has been to arrive at this decision.  Our sims are like our kids. Our creative work, our desire to share that with others and to help support Live Music in SL has always meant the most to us.

Eryn Vorn

Eryn Vorn

Truck and I have a hope and a desire to reopen Calas by the first part of September. We want to assure you that we will keep you informed at all times via group notice and the WWW.CALASGALADHON website.

It is very sad that some of the regions will be closed – although I have complete confidence in Ty and Truck to create something quite wonderfully beautiful on the nine regions that will remain. And I’m looking forward to seeing it in September!

Bay of Balfalas

Bay of Balfalas

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Steamcat from Winterland

Steamcat from Winterland

Today’s jigsaw comes from the special and delightful Winterland created by KittyCatS, where KittyCatS owners are having a wintery competition to build the best winter cabin for KittyCats. You can tour them all and vote for your favourite!

Tara Yeats sent me today’s jigsaw photo of her own cabin (No. 13 if you’d like to see it fully!) which has a gorgeous steampunk theme – complete with the special steampunk cats that were KittyCats’ Relay for Life special cats this year.

KiyyCat cabins at Wwinterland

KiyyCat cabins at Winterland

Another great element at Winterland is the KittyCatsS Advent Calendar which is offering a great free gift every day – and if you’ve missed out on some, you can catch up in Winterland.

And to whet you appetite – here’s the jigsaw!

Click to Mix and Solve

Yara’s Steampunk Cat in Winterland


Catch up with your Prim Perfect jigsaws (showing images of Second Life and other virtual worlds).

If you’d like to submit a photo of your own to feature as a jigsaw, send it to the Prim Perfect Flickr Group. It should be sized 800w x 600h, or else it will need to be re-sized.

More LittyCatS cabins at Winterland.

More KittyCatS cabins at Winterland.

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Written by Eva Bellambi
Photographs by Wildstar Beaumont

And the night-blooming flowers open,
open in the same hour I remember those I love.
In the middle of the viburnums
the twilight butterflies have appeared.

After a while all noise will quiet.
There, only a house is whispering.
Nests sleep under wings,
like eyes under eyelashes.

Open goblets exhale
the perfume of strawberries.
A light shines there in the room,
grass sprouts over the graves.

A late bee buzzes at the hive
finding all the cells taken.
The hen runs through the sky’s blue
yard to the chirping of stars.

The whole night exhales
a scent that disappears in the wind.
A light ascends the stairs;
it shines on the second floor: goes out.

And then dawn: the petals close
a little crumpled. Something soft
and secret is brooding in an urn,
some new happiness I can’t understand yet.

Perhaps these words written so long ago by Giovanni Pascoli (1855 – 1912) begin to illustrate the sensation of calm that one feels upon entering the simpler time still found in the Isles of Fatima.

Prim Perfect first brought news of these wonderful sims in the summer issue of 2008.  At the time that Saffia Widdershins reported on the Isles, there were 26 sims.  I am pleased to report that 20 yet remain today.  Happily the stunning sims continue to bring the visitor back to the more peaceful feelings of the countryside and towns of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  Here beauty, romance, and nature are emphasized.


Fatima Ur and Incanus Merlin remain the owners and custodians of this beautiful region.  In their own words (via Second Life profile), the husband and wife team strive to help their guests and residents find a ‘peaceful, calm, and beautiful way of village life in a time when things were less hurried [and] less complicated. Time to connect with and accept the natural rhythms of the world around us.’

As I symbolically retraced Saffia’s steps exploring the sims for this anniversary post, I found that many of the key features of the Isles remain, while other things have changed.  Evolution is the natural way of things after all.  By and large the sims are full of gardens and are green and lush.  I was filled with joy with each discovery of a beach, or park, or pavilion which seemed to have been placed publicly for the joy of we travelers who find our way there.

The vast majority of the sims were open for exploration.  Some owners, however, enjoy their privacy and provided warnings to this effect.  Thankfully, one may even find peace and pleasure within the beauty of those places even if only from a distance.

For the sailor or the lover of shorelines, the vast amounts of water in the Isles will provide recreation, adventure, or areas for relaxation as the water either laps against the hull of one’s vessel or the gentle slope or rocks of the beach.

By chance, I found a blanket spread out and covered in pillows along a stretch of rocky shore one evening.  It was the perfect place to relax from the tensions of the day as the music of the water lulled my senses.  I felt my heartbeat slow, my mind clear, and the peace and calm that the owners and residents of the Isles of Fatima prize so highly.


The Fatimas are operated by MerlinUr Estates, include the full isles of Fatimas Love, Fatimas Desire, Fatimas Beauty and Fatimas Art; and the homesteads of  Fatimas  Romance, Fatimas Dream, Fatimas Smile, Fatimas Blush, Fatimas Cherished, Fatimas Spirit, Fatimas Grace, Fatimas Glory, Fatimas Wonder, Fatimas Blessing, Fatimas Bliss,  Fatimas Victoriana, Fatimas Peace among others.

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In round 5 of Designers Challenge, in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers will take the same RL picture as inspiration and create what they see in Second Life in their own way, Marcus Inkpen of the Looking Glass and Kayle Matzerath of the Garden of Dreams chose an intriguing picture of a fish as inspiration.

Or in the words of Kayle Matzerath: “This scene got inspired by an ugly bowl and an incredibly sad fish who escapes into a world of delicious fishfood and self delusion. Help him stay in his imaginary heaven and try to not wake him up o.O”

His is not just a design, it is a large environment, where humans and fish have taken eachothers place. Everywhere you turn, a new surprise pops up.

Quite the contrast with the intimate and delicate creation of Marcus Inkpen. A perfect glass violin replaced the ugly bowl as living space for the fish. It invites you to contemplate and to meditate on the music within yourself.

You have to go see these for yourself, in the Looking Glass or the Garden of Dreams (follow the beacon)!

More information about the designs can be found on sldesignerchallenge and more pictures in our flickr group.

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In round 5 of Designers Challenge, in which every 2 weeks 2 home and garden designers will take the same RL picture as inspiration and create what they see in Second Life in their own way, Marcus Inkpen of the Looking Glass and Kayle Matzerath of the Garden of Dreams have chosen this intriguing picture of a fish as inspiration.

The results can be seen on friday august 5 in their shops!

The earlier challenges can be seen on our blog SL Designers Challenge and in our Flickr group.

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We’ve all seen (or perhaps some of us own, though this writer will not confess one way or the other *cough*) those adorable, breedable pets. Cats, dogs, meeros, goodness knows what else. And they’re all so cute and cuddly when they are wee, but let’s fast-forward a few months. Now your itty bitty kitty is a big fat cat, glowering at you as she sits next to that food dish – it’s empty again! And she’s eating for two! Or is it six? And you swear you just got back from the food store yesterday… or did you? It’s all a blur! A big, fuzzy, snuggly, adorable blur!

But wait… there’s something new. They’re cute, they’ll make you smile, they’re animated and will definitely add personality to your home. Well, you might want to keep them in the yard, but you get the point.

First, let’s meet The Wandering Duck! I have one myself, and it’s wandering around inside Cafe Curiousity in New Toulouse. Being a Curious Goods and Oddities store, it somehow seems right to have a duck waddling about in the back of the shop. I love him. I think I will name him Chuck.

And if that isn’t enough cute for you…. ta-da, The Walking Chipmunk! I just met this industrious creature yesterday, and I have to say I was impressed. In fact I was bowled over. Literally. He’s a Chipmunk on a Mission, and you’d best get out of his way. (Caution: Chipmunks in the Viewer are larger than they appear.)

But really, posters just don’t do these critters justice. Bounce over to Gumi’s Flower Shop, and see their antics for yourself. That SLurl puts you right in the middle of the fun. Go on now, it’s time to meet the next generation of Second Life animals – You’ll want to be the first on your sim to show these critters off!

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At the Lunatorium: Photograph by PJ Trenton

At the Lunatorium: Photograph by PJ Trenton

Join us in our Northpoint studio at 2pm SLT today, Monday 1st November as we visit the Lunatorium – the environment created by Bavid Dailey and Lunata Lupino.

Lunata creates plants – but plants that are unique to Second Life in that they are all delicately hand textured. Each plant is a work of art, looking like a painting by Marianne North or Margaret Mee. The delicacy of the work is utterly superb – and we’ll be looking at this in the show.

Flowers created by Lunata Lupino - photographed by PJ Trenton

Flowers created by Lunata Lupino - photographed by PJ Trenton

We’ll also be taking a look at the underwater regions she has created, working with scripter Bavid Dailey, and meeting some of the beautiful sea creatures that haunt this area.

Bavid has also created an extremely useful tool for shopping – the Personal Assistant – which would help customers quickly locate what they were looking for in larger stores. It comes with all sorts of surprising and very useful extras – and we’ll be exploring this on the show!

All in all, this is a beautiful and very interesting show – make sure that you don’t miss it!


Underwater Coral created by Lunta Lupino - photographed by PJ Trenton

Underwater Coral created by Lunta Lupino - photographed by PJ Trenton

There will be a special gift for those who attend the show in the studio from Bavid and Lunata – and also a chance to see a display of their work in the Exhibition Hall – and a chance to buy some of the beautiful plants featured on the show.

The show starts at 2pm SLT, but you should be in our Northpoint studios by 1.30pm at the very latest to make sure of getting a seat.

Or tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the Treet.tv web site.

At the Lunatorium - photographed by PJ Trenton

At the Lunatorium - photographed by PJ Trenton

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