How to advertise


Standard Rates

Two-page spread: L$18,000
Full page: L$12,500
Half page: L$ 7,500

Click-through URL or SLURL capability is offered with all sizes. Ads of a full page or larger can have an embedded gift, notecard, or landmark. (More information in “Click-Throughs” below.)

Select Placement

• Inside front cover: – Currently pre-booked. If you’re interested in future placements, please contact Aisling Sinclair.
Two-page spread: L$24,000

• Premium Placement – guaranteed placement in first 30 pages (depending on editorial requirements).
Two-page and full page only: Standard rate + 20%
NB Two-page purchase includes 220w x 440h single-frame sidebar ad in rotation on our website, and 600×300 magazine-style ad in rotation on our partner sites DesigningSL, BloggingSL, and HuntingSL

• Business Class Placement – guaranteed placement in pages 31-60 (depending on editorial requirements).
Two-page, full page, and half-page (horizontal or vertical): Standard rate + 10%
NB Two-page purchase includes 220w x 220h single-frame sidebar ad in rotation on our website.

Marketplace Section

Prim Perfect’s Marketplace, a section of all-advertisement pages, is specially geared toward new advertisers and smaller shops. Click-through delivery of SLURLs and URLs is available through a shared notecard for all ads on that page (inworld edition only).
• Quarter-page: L$3500
• Half-page (horizontal or vertical): L$5000

Web Ads

All Prim Perfect web ads are in rotation via page refresh. You can provide additional frames to animate your ad (transition time 10-15 seconds).
• Banner ad 700w x 175h, in-line with content:
L$5000/month, additional frames L$1000 each.
• Sidebar ad 220w x 440h:
L$3000/month, additional frames L$500 each.
• Sidebar logo ad 220w x 220h, in sidebar:
L$1500/month, additional frames L$350 each.

Cross-Media Adertising

Contact our Advertising department to discuss package rates for co-advertising with our sister television program, Designing Worlds.

Advertising Discounts

• Kiosk discount: 5% – single retail location
10% – 3 or more separate retail locations
• Multi-issue discount:
2-3 issues: 5%, or
4 or more issues: 10%

(Kiosk discounts may stack with multi-issue discounts.)


Ad dimensions are in pixels at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Two-page spread: 2840w x 1420h
Full page: 1420w x 1420h
Half- page horizontal: 1420w x 710h
Half-page vertical: 710w x 1420h
Quarter-page 1420w x 1420h

Formats accepted: JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PNG

• Save JPEG files at highest quality.
• For best results avoid font sizes below 14 points.


• Click-through URL or SLURL capability works in both the inworld and online editions of the magazine. Please provide your URL or SLURL along with the art for your ad – IF ONE IS NOT SUBMITTED WITH YOUR AD, WE WILL ASSUME IT IS NOT WANTED.

• Delivery of click-through content – notecards, landmarks, or gifts – is enabled with the purchase of a full-page ad or larger (delivered from inworld edition only.). ONE item per ad, please (although you may pack multiple items into a notecard).

• Unless you request it, we will not repeat click-through content, except URLs and SLURLs, from one issue to the next.

• We must receive your click-through content packaged as you wish it to be distributed, WITH COPY-TRANSFER PERMISSIONS ENABLED so that we can pass it on to readers. We will reset the perms on your content to no-copy or no-transfer (according to your preference) when we place it into the server. However, please note that we cannot change perms on items you have placed in a notecard.

Judith LeFevre or Kaerri Rae. For quality reasons, we cannot accept inworld ad graphics.

Judith LeFevre OR Saffia Widdershins inworld.

Usually, full payment is due at the time of submission of your ad, or upon agreement with our design department to design or co-design your ad.

However, when booking a multi-issue contract, established advertisers are eligible to be invoiced after publication of each issue.

We will display your copy exactly as you submit it to us. Complying with the specifications above is key to achieving your best results. If an ad needs alteration because of size variances or other reasons, we will notify you and offer guidance on how to meet specs in time for inclusion in that issue.

Prim Perfect is published approximately every six weeks.

To advertise in this issue: Book your ad by: Submit your art by:
February 1 January 11 January 25
March 15 February 22 March 8
May 1 April 10 April 24
June 15 May 25 June 8
August 1 July 11 July 25
September 15 August 25 September 8
October 20 September 29 October 13
December 1 November 3 November 17


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Advertising/Client Relations Manager:
Kaerri Rae

Art Director:
Judith LeFevre

Saffia Widdershins –