Relay for Life of Second Life

Relay for Life of Second Life, 2016

Many members of the Prim Perfect team have long been involved with Relay for Life of Second Life, the major fund-raising event that takes place annually in Second Life, with the main event running from February to July, and other events happening in the off season.

Our primary involvement as a magazine is with the Home and Garden Expo, of course, but we are also delighted to play a part in the wonderful Fantasy Faire.

The Telethon studio at Relay for Life of Second Life in 2010

And for many years, Prim Perfect Productions was a leading part of the annual TV Telethon for the Relay Weekend as well!


Each year, we feature a Designing Worlds show on the RFL builds, and shows from the Fantasy Faire. Here are a selection.

Designing Worlds Relay for Life shows

Relay for Builds Life 2017 – coming soon!
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