Prim Perfect magazine was established in 2007, with a threefold aim:

• To promote the work of Second Life home and garden designers
• To provide examples of the best and most beautiful design in Second Life
• To help new residents find the best ways to create their home and garden experience in a virtual world.

Over time, we have moved from simply promoting the work of designers to supporting them, whether through organising Talks in our own offices or at major Second Life events (such as the Home and Garden Expo, the Second Life Birthday Community Celebrations, the Second Life Christmas Expo and so on).

We’ve also led or been significantly involved in campaigns such as the Step Up! Campaign to raise awareness of Intellectual Property Rights violations, and what that means for designers; the campaign against the massive price hike that was originally planned to be set on Homestead regions, the closing of Community Gateways (the ongoing issue of finding ways to build communities in Second Life remains very close to our hearts).

In addition, we regularly support the work of charities and non-profits, with regular features in the magazine and being more practically involved too. We have organised the Second Life version of One Billion Rising for Justice for the last two years, and Prim Perfect, both the magazine and the organisation, plays a part in Relay for Life of Second Life and its associated events – notably the Home and Garden Expo.

But our core interest lies in design and designers creating the homes, gardens (and landscapes) of Second Life. Each issue of the magazine profiles a designer and their work. We also will feature a location. There are also regular features on building, on working with the latest Second Life design techniques, on controversial issues. We also regularly look at the work of new designers or designers who have small but fascinating stores.

And, of course, we bring you news of our other media productions, such as the long-running TV series Designing Worlds and the popular info show for hunters, Happy Hunting!

The magazine is published roughly every six weeks – and you can see all the issues here.


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