How to get the magazine

 Prim Perfect can be obtained in the form of an Intellibook for inworld reading or in a special web format called Calaméo, which allows you to move smoothly through the pages, giving you the feeling of reading a real magazine. You can download the magazine from Calameo too, if you like to print out your magazines to read as you commute to work, or in the bath, or wherever!

On the web
You’ll find the Prim Perfect magazines (including back issues) on our website. They are also all listed on our Subscriptions page at Calameo.  Here you can see copies of our other publication, The Primgraph, aimed at historical and steampunk sims, and of the web comic The Quest for the Golden Prim—as well as other special publications that we produce from time to time, such as our Guide for Gardeners in Second Life and our Linden Homes Special.

Details of the exact link for the latest edition will appear on our blog.

If you prefer to read the magazine inworld, you will find Prim Perfect Subscribe-o-Matic kiosks throughout the grid, so you can just click to subscribe. When you click a kiosk, you’ll be given a copy of the latest magazine, and from then on, you’ll receive your copy of the magazine on the day of publication (technology permitting!). Subscribe-o-Matic kiosks are also located at the Prim Perfect Head Offices in Sund.

You can also have each issue delivered to you automatically inworld by joining the Prim Perfect Readers group. It costs nothing to join, and apart from delivering the magazine each issue, we won’t overload you with chat or messages!

How to join Prim Perfect Readers:
Inworld, open Search.
Search Groups for Prim Perfect Readers.
Click to join.

In addition to delivering the Intellibook version of the magazine, you’ll also get a link to the online Calaméo version of the magazine, so you’ll be able to access that too.

Archive copies
All of our previous issues are available on the website and archived at our Calaméo site. If you want to read inworld editions, you can visit the Prim Perfect Head Offices in Sund, where you will find a series of vendors on the wall, one for each year of our publication. You can obtain any single missing copy here, or an entire year at once!