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Designing Worlds—brought to you by Prim Perfect Productions—explores the work of, and issues affecting, designers in virtual worlds. We feature material about design, especially homes, gardens, and related topics—as well as makeovers of Second Life homes. We visit locations in Second Life and other grids like InWorldz that we believe will interest our viewers—looking at the work of talented content creators, as well as nonprofit and educational projects. And sometimes… we just have fun!

We also have shows set in our fantastic studio on Garden of Dreams. These shows feature discussions about important issues such as content theft and intellectual property rights, tips for the homeowner and home renter, and interviews with some wonderful designers and creators.

The programme is presented by Saffia Widdershins, the Editor of Prim Perfect magazine, and Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel.

Designing Worlds is shown every Monday at 2:00pm SLT. You can watch the show  on our channel at SLArtist, on Aview.TV or download it from the iTunes store (just search there on Designing Worlds) to play on your screen or on your tablet—it can be fun to watch at the gym!

But most fun of all is to join our live studio audience on Garden of Dreams—where you can watch the show and even be a part of it if we are filming in the studio. In addition, you’ll often have a chance to talk to the guests after the show is ended.