Hello world!

The Editor hard at work!That seems an appropriate start to my first blog entry.

Or perhaps it should read “Hello, Second Life!”

Because this post marks the start of an exciting new venture – Second Life’s first Interior Design Magazine.

There are lots of very good fashion magazines in Second Life – and excellent blogs too. And there are general interest and newsy magazine – as time goes by, you’ll find more and more of them listed in the links ion the right hand side of the page. But – as I discovered when I came to furnish my first home, there aren’t any magazine that focus on where to buy furniture and how to furnish your Second Life home (for example, how to find out what the prim count of an item is, and tips and tricks to make your furniture look good in your home). There’s nothing really on the art of landscaping, which is a crying shame when you think of the possibilities that Second Life offers.

And there’s nothing really that looks at places where you might want to rent a home. Where can you get bargains – and where can you find those sims with really good owners who create a rich environment for you to join – as opposed to providing a box in a wasteland and letting you get on with it?

In short, I rapidly realised that there was no Second Life magazine like Homes and Gardens, no Second Life equivalent of all those magazines that show you just how good homes and gardens can look – and keep you abreast of styles, possibilities and designers.

And so, from all this, Prim Perfect was born. There will be a magazine – and you can read all about that on the primperfect.net website (which will be going live in the next day or so – it’s all up there; we’re just waiting for the servers to point in the right direction).

And there will be this blog too, which will keep you up-to-date with the latest news and gossip. As we build towards our launch date of May 1st, 2007, you’ll find features about the first issue – as well as general news, types and advice. And you’ll also be able to learn more about the hottest May Day party of all – our launch party!

Image: The Editor hard at work on Issue 1 …
Showing a hammock designed by Baron Grayson – available at Relic
In the background – chaise longue designed by – Isabella Boehm – available at Prim Goddess Creations
and Mediterranean vase designed by Sofia Standish – available at Sofia’s Furniture

The Castle setting is designed by Kelindra Talamasca – available at Dreamwoven


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