Prim Perfect Office

Just to let people know – the Prim Perfect Office is open and up and running on Venice Island at 136, 190, 31.

Prim Perfect reception areaThe outer reception area has a cool green marble desk – checking in at a miraculously low 2 prims – and a seating arrangement designed by Sofia Standish. I love the cool blues and greys of this – and in addition to a beautiful use of colour, Sofia is also very economical with the prims.

I was fascinated to see how the use of the plant added to the ‘corporate’ feel of the seating area – it really drew the whole waiting area together into a unified whole. And I’m sincerely hoping that the plant has a rather better opportunity for longterm survival than those hapless houseplants that come into my keeping in real life!

Prim Perfect inner officeThe inner area, my private office, has furnishing designed by Szabo Horn. I fell in love with this curved art deco desk; originally I intended it for the outer office as a reception desk – but as soon as I saw it in place, I decided that it was going to be mine, all mine. It’s a beautiful, classy piece, and visitors tend to hurry across to try out the leather chair for themselves. Unless I’ve bagged it first, of course.

All in all, I’m really pleased with the look of the offices. Why don’t you swing by and pay a visit? And perhaps leave me an IM?

Images: The Prim Perfect Offices on Venice Island
Outer office features furniture by Sofia Standish – available at Sofia’s Furniture

Inner Office features furniture and carpet by Szabo Horn – available at Designed by Szabo and Classic Creations

The Offices are located on Venice Island

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