The Banana Palm Saga: Part 2

banana_palm As I told you a few days ago, the view from my castle window has been distorted by a rather large, rather ugly banana palm that has been planted full square in front of the window by neighbours in the next sim.

Rather than get into a confrontation with the new neighbours about it (after all, not everyone shares the same aesthetics; my own eccentric and richly textured castle would not be to everyone’s tastes), I decided instead that I would give them a gift – a replacement palm tree of such extreme prettiness that they would remove the banana palm for once and for all.

So, in quest of a beautiful palm tree, I asked Isabella Lazarno of Classic Creations – and Prim Perfect’s Landscaping Correspondent – where she would recommend. She said at once that she’d recommend Lilith Heart – and the Heart Garden Centre.

garden_centre The Heart Garden Centre now has an entire sim to itself – and no wonder – it is, quite simply, gorgeous. Run by Lilith and Dolly Heart, it sells not only palm trees but plants and containers of every description and climate – from glorious rose arches to waterlilies, wisteria and lemon trees.

I tell you, the Heart Garden Centre makes even banana palms look pretty – so much so that I actually hesitated for a moment over whether I should get one of these as a replacement instead.

But once I saw the lovely, feathery phoenix palms waving in the wind, I found myself able to resist.

phoenix_palm These were a beautiful display. They came either as single trees or as groups. They are slightly larger in prim count than the commonplace Linden plants – but only very slightly. The rich phoenix palm consistsof a very reasonable 7 prim, and the price is also considerably less (for the medium phoenix palm, one would generally be paying less than in SL one might pay for a pair of simple shoes).

The arrangements can be gorgeous, bringing together a community of plants and trees as in this example (which features my favourite crane flowers). Admittedly, that can start to rack up the prims – but that is really more of a small jungle for a tropical sim.

Anyway, the phoenix palm safely purchased, it was off to try to persuade my banana-palm-flaunting neighbour to swap.


To be continued …

Phoenix palm purchased from the Heart Garden Centre.

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