Weekend Treats

auto_light I’ve visited Relic, Baron Grayson’s wonderful store, several times before and been entranced at the goodies hidden among the ruins – and infuriated too as I stand in the rain and wonder despairingly if I’ll ever again find that part which looks like an abbey chancel which contains the most beautifully decadent screens. But this weekend I took a glance at the neighbouring sim, Intemptesta Nox, which features a store full of goodies designed by the Baron’s wife, Sue Stonebender.

There’s a lot here I could talk about – ranging from the entrancing bath design to some of the fascinating projects that are coming up here. But I will be talking about those at length at the proper time. So for now, I just want to pick out a couple of the smaller goodies on display – starting with the light that you can see to the left here.

A very simple idea, you might think, but it’s actually a very cunning one, because a script in the lamp allies it to darkness in the place where you happen to be, so that when it gets dark, the light comes on, and when the sun rises, so the lamp switches itself off. You’ll never need to come home to a dark and lonely SL house ever again – and no electricity bills to pay, either.

auto_light The other treat was a number of vases (or different kinds) filled with tulips.

I’m a fan of tulips; I like them when they’re all tightly furled and firm, when they open out and reveal their hearts, and when, in the last stages of life, they curve over the sides of their containers, graceful and despondent. These are white, but I saw richly vivid reds and purples in the store too – and an interesting orange.

In addition, if you click on this picture to enlarge it, you’ll be able to see the setting – a rather nice wooden table and some of the variety of chairs too that are on sale in the store.

All the items shown here available from Sue Stonebinder’s store at Intemptesta Nox

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