New Office in Venice

red_officePrim Perfect has moved to its new offices!

And we are currently in the process of settling down. The new floor space is huge compared with the old offices, and we have two storeys. It’s planned that our Conference room and my private office will be on the first floor (and we Europeans say – that’s 2nd storey to the Americans), while the Reception area will be on the ground floor.

But what to do with all that space???

Well, I decided to have a centrepiece, something that draws the eye. And what better than a water feature? You gain the constant movement, the play of light and (possibly) the sound. Where you have a water feature, it draws the eye at least as much as a fire does – and it can be more logically centred than a fire (no smoky ceilings!). And with a fountain(unlike a fire) there’s no need to place chairs around it (and use up more prims). No, a fountain is something that you stand and look at – a great advantage when prims are at a premium!

So, as you can see, I acquired a fountain – and where I acquired it shall be the subject of another post, because the store is wonderful and worth blogging at length!

In the mean-time, I must say that the new office is attracting more visitors. Whereas before, the office front was open -but we had very few visitors, now we have a smaller doorway in the frontage (though which you can see the fountain) and people are coming in all the time to find out more about us!

So make a note of our new SLURL: – and come and see us on Venice Island!

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