Mexican hideaway

xylo_store My new offices in Venice have, appropriately enough, put me just across the canal from Xylo’s furniture store – one of the largest stores in Venice. And, life being what it is, I waited a shamefully long time before meeting up with Xylo, despite the fact that I really liked the clean, cool lines of his design – which seemed to me to strike an appropriately Italianate note for a Venice store.

But one day, I was in a mall and I was struck by some very neat desks being used in an admin area. As is my wont, I right clicked and went to edit to see who had created them. When I saw ‘Xylo Hasp’, I thought. “That’s a familiar name!” and popped across the canal to introduce myself.

And I’m glad I did, for Xylo took me on a fascinating tour of his main store, located on Xylo, his own sim. It’s an intriguing layout, based around a mountain – and I’ll be talking more about this in the article I’m planning on store layout.

But now I want to look at a rather intriguing thing Xylo’s put together – a series of themed houses. Nothing so unusual in that – other designers have done it. But Xylo offers a complete package – house and furniture, and he took me on a tour of his Mexican country house, which I found very impressive.

xylo_store The exterior of the house is a warm adobe brick, suitable perhaps for an arid environment – or even for more temperate climes! But even here, the use of brilliantly coloured artworks are an indication of the rich use of colour you’ll find inside – from large details like wall hangings, to the small details of the mats laid on the dining table – which were a feast in themselves (in fact, it would be a shame to cover them with plates!).

There’s the same, lovely attention to detail throughout the house. I particularly liked the study – a room that I felt I could really work in – and which came supplied with a desk I could close when my day’s work was done. The kitchen offered all the amenities with a Mexican twist – I loved the tiling of the worktops and the design of the kitchen chairs. Yes – let’s keep those mats in the dining room pristine and eat our tacos right here!

mexican_greatroom There was also a strong use of water throughout – with a fountain in the inside courtyard as well as at the front of the house – and I think the site of flowing water adds to the sense of peaceful relaxation in what Xylo calls the Great Room.

Hemmingway might have approved of the suggestion of bullfighting above the door (visible in the lined larger illustration), but for me the room overall suggested a cool place to retreat from the heat of the day, to sprawl upon the sofa and read a handily placed magazine – perhaps even the first edition of Prim Perfect?

Again the use of strong, clear colours, beautifully brought together, really enhanced the design for me, and suggested the tradition which they were drawn from. A really lovely place to visit and, I imagine, to live in as well!


Visit Xylo’s Store in Venice, or his island sim – Xylo.

And don’t miss the Mexican Country House when you go!

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