Salzburg in Second Life

Two fascinations of mine are small, quirky shops and (as regular readers will know) glassware. So when Dellybean North of True North Stores IMed me to say she had just opened a new store – Northern Lights Company in Salzburg Village for her Tiffany glass, it really didn’t take a lot to persuade me to visit!

salzburg And I wasn’t disappointed.

Delly has a wide selection not only of furniture but clothes as well. She’s very good on clear glass styles and crystal, rather than using the more usual richer glass forms, and with this she achieves some lovely subtle effects. With these Tiffany glass objects, she has focused on creating screens and lamps in a variety of patterns and shades – the sort of object that would make a really nice gift for someone setting up home.

But, as she told me, the charm of Salzburg Market is the setting, so after visting Delly’s shop, I set out to wander the streets. And she was right.

Salzburg Village consists of a variety of small streets, all in European medieval style. Truth be told, the layout and shops remembered me more of lovely medieval Innsbruck than they did of the more Baroque Salzburg, but there is a lovely atmosphere as you wander along the narrow cobbled streets and peer in the shop windows.

salzburg The stores tend to be small and quirky – there simply isn’t the space to display a huge amount of goods in an individual store. But these stores make up for a limited range in individual stalls with the sheer diversity of goods on offer, and the quality of goods offered too – which is extremely high. Among other more conventional (but good quality) fashion shops, I found shops selling fine timepieces, medieval tapestries, fine furniture, garden accessories, curiousities (such as ships’ instruments and a wonderful “What the Butler Saw” machine, a map shop and enough shops selling glassware to gladden even my heart.

I did experience some lag when visiting late at night UK time. I don’t think this is the fault of the Village itself, which is very cleverly designed. However, there is a skybox casino in the vicinity, and I wondered if that was impacting negatively. On the other hand, a visit I made earlier in the day seemed much smoother – so it might just be an SL hic-cup.

But Salzburg Village is, above all, definitely worth a visit, when you are shopping for that rare gift, and that little extra that will make your home complete!

Tiffany Glass, as designed by Dellybean North, from Northern Lights Company in Salzburg Village


  1. Sad to say, the Salzburg Village ended up being shutdown as Mr. Broadway felt things in SL just going constantly down. I’ll miss that neat little old world mall. Used to like puttering around the cobblestoned streets and checking all the nooks and crannies for interesting things!

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