Shopping experiences: Part 1

One thing that fascinates me in Second Life is the creativity that store-owners display in their store arrangements – and I propose to look at some of these in some of my blogs – and also the magazine.

xylo One store I visited recently was Xylo‘s. Xylo has a conventional store in Venice, but this is really just an outlet for his much larger island where the furniture is interestingly and unconventionally arranged.

You arrive at the teleport to the sound of rushing water. You’re on a mountain – with a torrent rushing down. Xylo tells me that the concept of the island is to encourage vistors to explore the island in any way they wish to – the island offers an interesting experience if you fly, or of you explore on foot. There’s a logic to it, if you want – or you can simply take off and head for a spot that a bird’s eye view tells you looks interesting.

If you choose to walk – as Xylo and I did – the path leads you down the mountainsid, past different “rooms” – with furniture arranged in room displays – bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms. Periodically, signposted paths lead off to low prim areas, and to areas that pick up just one particular area – dining room furniture here; a selection of beds there.

In parenthesis, I should say I particularly like the way Xylo incorporates art works in his room designs. Xylo works with several artists; he uses their artworks in his room designs, and they can sell those artworks in his store at full price. It seems to me a mutually beneficial arrangement.

seven_selection Another store I visited recently that took my fancy was Seven’s Selection. I discovered this while looking for possible attractions for the Prim Perfect Launch Party – I was looking for some old-fashioned fairground attractions, and my quest led me here. The store itself is delightful – an eclectic selection of whatever the owners – Jen and feel like making for it – and and housed halfway up a mountainside, with a small amusement arcade above, with terrific views.

A good store to visit, I thought, when you feel the urge to buy something … but aren’t quite sure what. I … erm … came away with a spectacular dragon kite and a really lovely pair of delicate dragonfly wings. Not, I’ll admit, my usual sort of purchases. But I suspect I’ll be back!


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