Wedding Bells in Venice

So, what have I been up to today?

In actual fact, I went to a Second life wedding, held on Venice Island at 7.30am SLT. The earliness of the hour reflects the fact that so many of the attendees are European – Venice is a very cosmopolitan place!

church Another reflection of this was the fact that the wedding, although thoroughly ecumenical (the blessing of the Goddess as well as of the God was invoked at one point), took place in a church. Venice has a delightful small church, situated on one of the corners of the island, beside the Grand Canal, which runs all the way around the city). On the other side of the church is the sea.

It’s a lovely building. Definitely not modelled on the ornate San Marco that is a landmark of Venice, this building is in a simpler style that seems to me to be more Romanesque – and with lovely stained glass. It is beautifully furnished inside – and the use of stained glass is lovely – as you can see here. There are even pews for the congregation to sit on … and it looked particularly fine decorated for the wedding.

wedding The happy couple were Sunday Ayres and Dax Fredriksson. Sunday is one of the principal builders of Venice; among many other things in the new rebuild of Venice, she constructed my offices, recreating the texture of the walls and windows from images I supplied. She eventually ended up with a building that used over 600 prims … which she then photographed so that she could use the photographs as low prim textures instead. But being prepared to put in the time to recreate the building was a wonderful thing to do.

Dax is also very involved in Venice, for he has his own gallery here, right on the main Square. All in all, it was good to be able to celebrate, in Venice’s own church, the wedding of two of its most prominent citizens.

So many congratulations, Sunday and Dax! I’m raising a glass of virtual champagne to you!

(And in the larger version of the wedding picture, I’m the one in the large white hat with the black ribbon!)


  1. Saffia,
    Thank you for the wonderful post on a great day. I was so glad to have two of our own be the first to use the church and club. I want to thank Motor Loon for kicking some butt to get it open in time for the reception.

    I also want to let everyone know the church is always open and available for your wedding. Free of charge. Sunday did a great job setting it up and making it beautiful. We have all the decor needed to bring it back to wedding bliss. Just IM myself or one of the owners to check the schedule. Just give us SL times and date and we will get back to you quickly.

    We want to make your day as wonderful as this one was. Saffia took great pictures for you to see the beauty of the whole place.

    Thank you hun!

    Melody Regent
    Venice Owner

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