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pirate_ship_in_VeniceAs a follow up from the charity auction, this note has been posted as a comment to the main Ubuntu post but, I think, deserves to be read on the highest level.

From Zeke:
“I just returned home from HaMakhata in Lesotho, Africa. I was there delivering a 40ft container with RiverSong’s RL husband. We loaded the container here in Canada in January and were both there to unload it. It was one of the most amazing experiences and adventures of my life. The school house being built at the HaMakhata project will be one of the beneficiaries of Ubuntu in SL. While we were there they were building the roof trusses for the 1st small four room building. There is a second four room building planned (just the concrete footings are in place) for the 308 students that attend the school. The funds you have raised will help us to put up the walls and a roof. Currently the students are taking their classes outside, but winter is coming and they need to get inside where they will be warm and dry.

“These are wonderful, beautiful people, well deserving of your support. THANK YOU!!!”

I’m just so pleased that we could play a part.

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  1. Thank you so much for making a posting of my comment : ) Just wanted to share with you a short video that is now up on YouTube featuring the container delivery.


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