Store Changes

sofia This is a quick note to let you know about a couple of store changes.

Sofia’s Furniture has moved to a new location on the same sim, Tristan Peak. This gives her a rather larger store, and also links her to full scale models of the different houses she designs, arranged around something like a village square. This means that prospective buyers can look over the houses and then wander into the store.

Rather than being contained within the confines of a rectangular building, this is now arranged around a small open courtyard. Extensions into the garden on both sides allow a display of garden furniture (which was previously located in the roof garden), while the open nature of the frontage means that the furniture is displayed more fully to someone arriving t the store. Sofia’s former general arrangement of medieval on the ground floor and more modern pieces on the first floor is (yes, I’m a Brit. Americans should translate: ground= first and first= second) is largely maintained – but fair more stock is displayed – and more generously. But it’s still a vastly pleasurable store to explore for unexpected treasures.

Another store that has recently moved is Created by Szabo, which has a new home on the Freshwater d’Alliez sim. And there’s some fascinating new things to see there – such as what appeared to by a wartime hut, of the type we in England know as a Nissan hut, but which is here labelled as a ‘Cleveland’, which I think must be the US equivalent. Filled with utilitarian army-style furniture, it makes an interesting variation on Szabo’s meticulous recreations of historical styles. Well worth checking out!

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