Lost Inventory – found!

I’m sorry that the blog has been quiet the last few days. I had a scare, when I (gulp) lost my inventory. Fortunately, I managed to hang on to my calling cards and a lot of my landmarks, but may other things disappeared, which did put something of a cramp on my style!

I emailed the Lindens and received a notice giving me basic advice – but the key thing I was told was to empty my cache. I was a little freaked by this – as it sounded to me as though I’d be wiping out even more. But I gritted my teeth and took this route:

Edit >> Preferences >> Network >> Clear Cache>> OK

And lo and behold! It all came back! Which was a tremendous relief.

So now, hopefully, we can get back on track – and I can tell you that the next edition of Prim Perfect will be coming out on June 10th. As you know, this month will be centring around the Galaxy – that great new three-sim-long cruise liner built by Bill Stirling.

Keep reading here for more news and information about furniture, gardens and design in Second Life!


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