Shopping Experiences: Part 4

mila_and_twistit_store I do love shops that relate to the sims in which they are located – and, for me, a good example of this is Mila Edelmen and Twistit Saiman of Twist and Mila Designs in the Oneiros sim. This is a very pretty and traditional sim – of Victorian nature – set around a harbour, with some quite lovely views, and the shop relates to its surrounding both in the design of the build, and in its contents.

And after you have visited the store. you may well be tempted to explore the sim, which is well worth it, both in terms of attractiveness and in terms of content – for there are many fascinating shops along the quay (some of which I plan to return to). And there’s a beautiful castle – Castle Wunderbar – on top of the hill that you can visit if you wish to dance.

There does does to be a problem with lag here, however, perhaps in part because of the very richness of the surroundings.

mila_and_twistit_store:tiffany_lamps But back to the store. Mila and Twist run it in great period style – and some of the counters and arrangements are pure Victorian. The thing that attracted me first of all, however, was … well, yes, regular readers will guess – glass! The store has a lovely selection of Tiffany lamps, as well as some artefacts that come from a later time – such as the wonderful vintage radios, and the Victrola. And there are some dresses designed by Mila that are retro rather than Victorian, but still well worth a look.

But the feel of the store overall works very well indeed, and there are a great many treasures and unexpected finds to be made which make it really well worth a visit. Twistit, among other things – is a great clock maker, and one of his lovely clocks is available as a prize in the Treasure Hunt.

Talking of which, one of the clues is hidden in Mila and Twistit’s store – and I shall blog about that shortly.


Store: Twist and Mila Designs in Oneiros

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