Inaugural weekend on the Galaxy: Part 2

galaxy_overview This is the inaugural weekend for the Galaxy – the three sim cruise liner that is our sim of the month – so why not come along and join in the partying?

This is the second of two full days of festivities on all 3 sims that make up the ship, now all open and fully operational. Just go to the boarding gangway of the Galaxy and then make your way through the doors to Reception, where you can collected an updated Ship Info card with Location Landmarks at the hospitality desk.

Sunday June 17th Events
A Guided Tour of the Galaxy
With ship’s architect Bill Stirling
12pm (noon): – Starts at the Reception (AFT)

Fantasy Costume Ball
Best costume prizes
7pm – Zodiac Ballroom (AFT)
Dining Terrace Buffet and Fireworks

Captain’s Party
Champagne and Cocktails
7.30pm: – Starlight Lounge (FORWARD)

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