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The Loft The Loft3
The Loft by Colleen Desmoulins now has 3 times the panache. All the style and sophistication of the original store with the addition of two new designers: Elise Fugazi and Kingston Augustus. So now it’s the Loft – to the Power of 3! Or, The Loft3 for short!

I first discovered Colleen’s work through the display of work by different designers on show in the completely wonderful Odaesan House, designed by Troy Vogel for Zeug Thalheimer, which was the Readers’ Home of the Month in the May edition of the magazine – and which you can read more about here. I particularly noticed some lovely, elegant lamps – and a visit to her store introduced me to her own style of elegant modern furniture. This tradition is well-maintained in the new store – and the winner of our first Treasure Hunt promptly chose the voucher for the Loft3 from the list of prizes provided – and became one of the very first customers for the new store!

Riversong Gallery and Asian Arts Riversong Gallery & Asian Arts
Riversong Garden is pleased to announce the relocation of both her stores. Riversong Gallery and Asian Arts have relocated to the Secret Smile sim. This has allowed room for a much needed expansion. Asian Arts is nearly twice the size so look for great new products added almost daily.

Riversong Gallery carries many types of lighting, sculpture, candles, vases, Serendipity Pianos and art. They have just added a low prim luxury office furniture collection, and a new living room furniture line will be added next week.

Asian Arts carries art, candles, pillows, asian furnishings for living room, bedroom, dining room, and garden, and a nice selection of swimming koi.

Some of Riversong’s work is also on sale in the Ubuntu Market as she is a strong supporter of the Ubuntu Project (which you can read more about here, and her own special sim, Better World, is now located just down the hill from Ubuntu. On Better World you will find the location of a number of non-profit organisations, including, the Center for Water Studies and Camp Darfur.

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