A major omission

New Offices Looking over my blog posts, I realised I didn’t tell my readers about my new offices in Venice – in fact the last you heard, I was somewhere in a grass field!

In fact, I’m now safely installed in a new location in the rebuilt (and very attractice) Venice Island at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Venice%20Island/132/39/30/ – after a few hairy moments when I had to move my server!

The new offices are (as you can see from this pic) even larger than before, which is lovely.  There’s a vendor inside the office – and another one outside – and this is where I’ve introduced a major innovation, because Melody Regent, the owner/manager of Venice, agreed I could have some of the cafe chairs and tables set up outside. On one of these, I’ve set a copy of the mag so people can read while they enjoy their coffee.  Well, unless they bring their own, there isn’t actually any coffee – but you get the idea!

There are other copies of the magazine to read in the office, and two vendors to buy them from.  Why not come over to Venice Island and see for yourself?

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