Summer Furniture 2

glass chairs I’ve always loved the work that Dellybean North of True North Design does with glass – as you can see in my posts here and here. But I’m really fascinated by her current work with glass textures used on furniture.

It’s a range of garden furniture, but the glass gives it a definite twist.

I’ve always seen Delly as someone whose store offers a good choice of summer furniture. She does, after all, have a large pool set up, with some of her gorgeous deckchairs around it! But the glass furniture brings in another of her enthusiasms too. The chairs in the thumbnail are very Tiffanyesque, and yet work well. She’s given them the subtle rounding that makes them look comfortable, even before the cushions are added.

The chairs and tables are available in a range of colours – you can see another example here in a bright, poppy style. There are also other items available too – including glass pavilions which, I think, are fun and well designed -but I’m not sure I’d want to sit under one. All that glass … won’t it be terribly hot? Although I do think the giant chess board works well with it!


  1. Thanks for this mention Saffia. I just wanted to comment that I’ve been quite amazed at some of my glass textures, how well they go on to many shapes and not only cubes! Quite astounded really:-)
    These sets were an excursion into a little bit of an art deco feel and I’m developing a real liking for pursuing that genre.
    I should mention, that not only do these chairs and tables give an unusual look, they are also highly functional, well as functional as can be in SL. The chairs are menu scripted with several custom designed animations for both female and male sitters and allow you to switch sits without standing up, and the tables will serve you drinks, so that you and your guests can sit, chat and have a drink together!

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