Sad News About Stores: Part 1

I love reporting on the opening of new stores and shopping opportunities – or when a much-loved store gains a makeover. But it’s always sad to have to report when a store or a shopping mall just doesn’t make it – and today I have news of two that I’ve reported in this blog in the past (and, oddly enough, two that followed a very similar design – that of the small mittel European village, with small shops).

salzburg The first to have gone is Salzburg. Dellybean North, who had an outlet for her True North Designs there, sent me this message today:

Sad to say, the Salzburg Village ended up being shutdown as Mr. Broadway ( i.e. the Owner – Ed.) felt things in SL just going constantly down. I’ll miss that neat little old world mall. Used to like puttering around the cobblestoned streets and checking all the nooks and crannies for interesting things!

It certainly had that … these stores had a tremendous diversity of goods on offer, and the quality of goods offered too was extremely high. Among other more conventional fashion shops, there were places selling fine timepieces, medieval tapestries, fine furniture, garden accessories, curiousities (such as ships’ instruments and a wonderful “What the Butler Saw” machine), a map shop and enough shops selling glassware to gladden even my heart. All gone now – a real pity.

But, as I said at the time, there was a problem with lag. It was sited uncomfortably close to a disco/casino – and this doesn’t make for easy movement around a sim.

Now all that’s left of Salzburg Village is an empty green field.

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