Signature Pieces: Part 2

grandfather clock by Szabo Remember when I started this occasional series on signature pieces? These are beautiful pieces and, in some ways, they’ve become the signature pieces for their designers – items that are so lovely and memorable that they appear throughout SL – sometimes in unexpected places.

Today is a piece by Szabo Horn that I see again and again in my travels, and – if fact – it also appears in the illustrated strapline that I use. It is, of course, his lovely grandfather clock.

Szabo is, of course, well known for both his loving and meticulous re-creations of period furniture, and for his beautiful optical instruments, such as the telescope set up to scan the sea at Odaesan House or the giant telescope found in Bill Stirling’s Observatory in Polis. But it is, above all, his clock that seems to have made an impression across Second Life.

I first became aware of this on my visit to Odaesan House. That marvellous place, created by Troy Vogel for Zeug Thalheimer, contains not only Troy’s own paintings and furniture, but a variety of pieces by other designers as well, to fulfil Zeug and Troy’s vision of the best design that SL can offer. And there, at the top of the stairs, I saw the grandfather clock that I had used on my strapline.

And this experience was repeated when I visited other beautifully designed homes too. Generally, one would see Szabo’s clock on display. In fact, I remarked on this to Parrish Kline, the owner of the Readers’ House of the Month for June – one of the few stylish homes not to display the clock! He actually laughed at this.

“Well,” he said, “I don’t have the clock in my house – but my partner has one in his!”

Really, sometimes I think that the easiest way to find beautifully designed homes would be to beg Szabo for the customer list for the grandfather clock, and work my way through it, one by one.


Szabo has a wide range of furniture (including the clock) available at his store – Created by Szabo in Freshwater d’Alliez.


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