So where are the Prim Perfect Offices?

New Offices I don’t seem to be doing terribly well at telling you the location of my offices in Venice – if you teleport there now, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a whole new sim, currently being landscaped!

The reason for this is that the people behind Venice Island have taken on a new project – next to Venice Island they have created what will become a new residential sim, with lovely Italian villas – Tuscany Island.  From time to time, this blog will be giving you updates on the way it’s developing.

The reason why the teleport links you to Tuscany is a technical one.  In order to create the new island adjoining Venice and at the same time to maintain a certain space from other islands, it was necessary to move Venice one space down the grid and create Tuscany in the space that Venice had formerly occupied.  The landmarks will take a little time to catch up but, in a few days, the link to the Prim Perfect offices will be working once more.

In the mean-time, why not pop across and take a look at the new island?  And then stroll back across to Venice and walk across the square to find the Prim Perfect Offices on the other side?

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