There’s Something Fishy going on …

something fishy … as I found out when I accepted the invitation of Lars Donnelly to visit the store, Something Fishy.

This is located, appropriately enough, close to the Second Wildlife store – so close that a few rats have escaped and are making a happy life for themselves on the Something Fishy docks!

The store belongs to Maggie Morgan who has, over the last couple of years, built a strong reputation for customer service – and for innovative products. These come in a wide range – and if her products are not quite as ubiquitous as the gorgeous palm trees from the Heart Garden Centre, I’m sure that you’ll have seen some of them from time to time – whether in the form of gambling dolphins offshore, the occasional sinister shark or killer whale or – more reassuringly – the aquatic themed cocktail bar with an aquarium built in.

Visiting the store is as much an aural experience as a visual one; as well as the crashing of waves on the nearby sea-shore and the cawing of seagulls overhead (together with the occasional squeaking of the harbour rates), if you listen very carefully, you will hear occasional whale song – perhaps from the new baby blue whales that are in stock.

Watch out for the giant jellyfish, though – those things are downright disturbing – especially as they seem to have no difficulty in living on land!

something fishy again The store meets a wide variety of fishy needs. For those wishing to stock beachfront expanses, there are sharks, whales, dolphins – and other sea creatures. A wide range of fish emitters can also produce fish for seas or ponds, with adjustable size and frequency. There’s a wide range of aquariums too – both freestanding and wall mounted, and these are not too prom heavy- I saw a large, stocked aquarium that was only 12 prims.

A fun way to explore the store is to walk through the undersea tunnel. Here you can see many of the fish from the displays all around you!

However, despite the name, Something Fishy offers more than just fish. There are mosaics of an aquatic nature that look fabulous on the floor of swimming pools, there are the cocktail bars that I mentioned earlier, and a duckpond with purchasable quacking ducks. Plus, of course, koi carp to go into the water.

The only reservation I have about Something Fishy is that I find its rich environment quite laggy at the moment. This may be a problem with my venerable computer – I find quite a few mainland locations somewhat laggy. But I’d be interested in hearing how laggy other people find it.

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