In Nomine …

Nomine Prim Perfect’s primary role – as a blog and as a magazine – is to focus on the homes, gardens and landscapes of Second life. But we make no apology whatsoever for periodically covering examples of design that are commercial properties if they are so stunning that they leave our collective jaws dropping.

And Nomine is one of those places.

Nomine is a sim wide store built for Munchflower Zaius. The store sells skins, shapes, clothes, tattoos and a variety of associated goods – some by Munchflower herself, some by other designers.

The build comprises a central store and four outlying stores along with a tiered display area running around almost the entire sim. That’s the simple description.

The reality is … spectacular.

The designer is Hayden Hedges, recently returned to Second Life after a break away. And boy, is he back with a bang.

Nomine 2 The mood is Gothic, with a strong element of Goth. But there are other inspirations here too. The great central building was, to me, reminiscent of the great French Cathedrals such as Notre Dame in Paris, Rheims, and – above all – Chartres. But look at it from another angle, and suddenly you’re in the world of Gormenghast, the nightmarish world of Mervyn Peake.

I adore the soaring spires and also the use of richly coloured stained glass. With such a powerful design, you might feel it could overwhelm the goods on sale. But this is the real trick of the design – the shopping areas are designed to display the goods simply and cleanly with good lighting.

But then you turn around from the displays and look up, or out and … well. Wow.

“The build,” says Hayden, “had to ‘be’ Nomine. You be the judge.”

And Nomine is a name with a strange, rich and evocative tradition.

There are other elements of Hayden’s design around the sim – some, like his compellingly strange iron tree, even for sale. And, actually, I found some of the poses there surprisingly comfortable – although it is definitely not the kind of tree you’d want the kids to practise their tree-climbing skills on!

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