Learn to build in Venice!

farmhouse in Tuscany This morning, you’ll have a unique chance to learn how to build a house – in the middle of the main Square on Venice Island !

Melody Regent, part-owner and manager of both Venice and Tuscany Islands, has proposed a demonstration.

This is her message:
I will be building a new house for Tuscany in the Square today from 8am to 9am in the square. The house is based on a house in RL and will be used on the Tuscany Island Sim.

If you want to come just watch, pick up a few pointers or practice building, come on over. The house I am building will be up for review till I start.

If you want to come work on one of your own projects, there is room. Experienced builder welcome to some show their skills as well. Let’s get the old and new together and create.

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