Charity Auction: Who is the money for?

Tuscan Castle As you know, later today this lovely castle on Tuscany Island is going to be auctioned off to raise money for charity.

But which are the charities?

There are two that will benefit from the proceeds of the sale.

The first is Gardens of Hope.

This project is designed to link five communities in Lesotho, southern Africa, into a network of projects that share ideas, skills, resources and common purpose while supporting the educational needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.

The project began in 2004 with the completion of the first tree nursery and has progressed to four tree nurseries and one greenhouse at five sites. The vision is one nursery and greenhouse at each of the five sites. Aside from the economies of scale realized by working with a number of different groups simultaneously, each group in the network will benefit from sharing resources, supplies, experience, supervision and expertise while being able to barter between themselves decreasing their cash dependency.

One project associated with Gardens of Hope that has really caught people’s imaginations, and which we would really like to help is the Ha Makhata Phelisanong Group. You can see more about this on a You Tube video here.

The other charity that we hope will benefit from the auction is the Marburg Toy Run in Germany – where motorcyclists gather to have a fun run to raise money for a local children’s charity. In addition to raising overall funds, each motorcycle entered donates a toy or an item of sports equipment. You can read more about this at

So come along, bid to buy yourself a fabulous castle, beautifully furnished, and help some very worthy causes at the same time!


The successful bidder will be expected to abide by the terms of the Tuscany convenant (a very standard one, making sure that residents agree to respect the integrity of the sim). A copy of the convenant can be read here. The successful bidder will still pay tier upon the land s/he purchases. The owners of Tuscany reserve the right to withdraw the sale if the reserve price is not met.

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