Prim Perfect “How To” Guides available on the web

Meditation cushionRegular readers of the magazine will know that each issue, we print a”How To” guide for newcomers to Second Life (and sometimes not quite such newcomers too!).

We hope these guides have been proving useful to our readers – we’ve certainly had some positive responses. But one cause for woe was tha, if you wanted to find the information, you had to go hunting through back issues of the magazine.

So we’ve decided to make these articles from back issues available on the website, so people can access them easily.

The articles from the first three issues are available now – if you want to read the article on permissions, you’ll need to read the current issue of the magazine! But we hope, over time, this will build up to a highly useful resource for Second Life residents.

The articles available now are:

You’ll find links to the articles in the sidebar navigation on this blog, and on a navigation tab on the main website.

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