A View of Better World Island

Pyter Morgridge at the Better World Island houseAs you know, each month in Prim Perfect, we have a star prize of a month’s free rental of a house, a cottage, a castle, a cabin or an apartment – phew! as you can see, quite a range in out first five issues!

The star prize in Issue 4, our September issue, was a Japanese house, designed by our Designer of the Month, Riversong Garden, and located on the fascinating Better World Island, a sim that hosts a variety of non-profit organisations and a fascinating variety of exhibitions – as well as interesting things to do (such as surfing at the Centre for Water Studies, or scuba diving in the different aquatic environments to be found there).

This month’s winner was Pyter Morgridge, a Victorian gentleman and the proprietor of Morgridge Mansion in Caledon, and he is regarding the rental as both a vacation and an exploration. He’s keeping a blog account of his discoveries on Better World Island, which you can read here, and he’s also creating an albuum of his pictures – here.

Keeping a blog of your experiences is not compulsory for our winners, of course, although we’re thrilled that Pyter is doing it. And we’re looking forward to seeing who the winners of our TWO Competitions will be next month. You’ll find the Star Prize competition on Page 18 and our Castle Competition on Page 38 on this month’s issue of Prim Perfect. So download your copy, or get a copy inworld now!

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