Don’t Forget to Get Your Poppy!

One of the none stone Gardens of RememberanceTomorrow is Remembrance Day, when throughout the Commonwealth, people remember those who have died in the wars of the last century (and war in general). The way this is traditionally marked is by wearing a red poppy – and you can get these in Second Life at the wonderful memorial that has been created by Rivers Run Red for the Royal British Legion.

You should be able to get your poppies at any of the Gardens of Remembrance around the central Memorial; each of the eight outer sims has a poppy stand.

Map of the Poppy simsAnd do note the map – the whole has been formed to echo the shape of the poppy.

There will also be a Two Minute Silence in-world at 11:00 am GMT on November 11th, to replicate observances around the country.

The SLURL links to get your poppy are:
Poppy 1
Poppy 2
Poppy 3
Poppy 4
Poppy 5 is the central sim containing the Cenotaph
Poppy 6
Poppy 7
Poppy 8 or
Poppy 9

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