Autumn Treasure Hunt – Clue 11: True North Designs

Leather chairs from True North Designs Once again there’s a Treasure Hunt in this month’s edition of Prim Perfect. There are SIXTEEN stores taking part this month – and you have to visit the store to discover the prim count of each of the pieces featured in the magazine. You’ll find instructions on how to find the prim count for an item on our Treasure Hunt Information page.

Today’s clue comes from Dellybean North at True North Designs, in Goun. Delly’s store has always offered a variety of interesting things (long-term readers will know what a big fan I am of her glassware), and very soon I’ll be sharing news with you of a really fantastic new glass product that she’s devised.

But today our item is this pair of leather armchairs which come in a range of rich, warm colours – perfect for drawing up to the fire and snuggling down in on these cold snowy days and long winter nights.

Winter Court at True North DesignsAnd, actually, True North Designs is a rather good place to experience winter. Just as in the summer she had a deck decorated with deckchairs and parasols, and a wonderful range of glass furniture, now she has a special Winter Court in Goun where visitors can enter the True North Christmas Wish Contest (you can see full details of how to take part here) and win some terrific prizes.

But here and now we are looking at a different competition – the Prim Perfect Treasure Hunt!

For the treasure hunt competition, what you have to do is to find as many prim counts as you can, and send the details to, including your avatar name and an answer to the tiebreak question (which you’ll find in the magazine on Page 26). The person to find the most prim counts will win – and in the event of a tie, we will use the tie-breaker.Also: – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize! Just find as many as you can – by Wednesday December 12th.

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Another clue will be appearing shortly!

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