Have you carbon offset your avatar?

House of the Big Green SwitchWe’re all energy conscious these days – or perhaps we should be! And the rl media (as if they didn’t have enough complaints to make about Second Life!) throw up their hands in horror at the amount of energy we consume here in Second Life. Each avatar, they announce, has the same carbon footprint* as a Brazilian.

Media hype? Maybe, but I think we can all agree that it does behove all of us to do what we can to combat climate change in real life – and in Second Life too.

But … how?

Well, there have been plans to offset sims – and if you visit the Center for Water Studies, on Better World Island, you’ll find details of how they keep (and how you too can keep) their sim carbon neutral.

But now, the Big Green Switch has come up with a way to make not only our sims but also our avatars carbon neutral!

It’s a new project, from Nikk Huet, the person behind Tribute Island, this time working with Eco Republic, SteveD Allen and Sianos Writer.

Carbon offset your avatarHere’s how it works – you visit their store, located in Gourdneck, purchase their set of 10 beautiful exclusive trees for L$3000 and 100% of the money goes into their dedicated Big Green Switch offsetting fund. Periodically, the fund is converted into UK Sterling and invested in tree planting schemes via the UK’s Tree Appeal organisation.

That means that your offset will pay for a tree to be planted in the real world which will absorb enough CO2 to cover the emissions generated from a typical SL user’s yearly on-grid activity, and maybe even a small amount of your real world footprint too!

So carbon offset your Avatar with Big Green Switch today. Options are also available to carbon offset a whole sim, keeping your land green.

In addition the store has a range of eco freebies, ranging from tee-shirts to rainwater-collecting butts to small (and prim light) eco friendly houses. In addition, notices around the store give you a wide range of information on how to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle in your real life too. And there’s a small cafe area out the back of the tree house too!

You can also visit their website to learn more.


What is a Carbon Footprint?
Your Carbon Footprint is a measure of how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted annually into the atmosphere as a result of your day-to-day lifestyle. It encompasses all the daily activities you do and allows you to understand more clearly what impact your regular lifestyle has in contributing to climate change as a whole.

Your Carbon Footprint is built up by considering many different elements of your day-to-day actions and applying a CO2 emissions calculation to each of these. The most common and most frequently calculated elements include:

Specifically, in SL, your carbon footprint is increased by the energy used to power your home PC when online plus your share of the energy used by the SL servers when you are connected to the grid.

Information from the Big Green Switch

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