Summer Treasure Hunt – Clue 2: Organized Confusion

The Summer 2008 issue of Prim Perfect magazine is now available, and with it comes another Treasure Hunt competition!  This time we’re searching for items created by TWELVE talented designers.  For each item, you need to visit the store, find the item, and uncover its prim count. Instructions on finding the prim count can be found on our Treasure Hunt Information Page.  If you accept this challenge, you could win something from the Prim Perfect prize cabinet, generously donated by talented designers and store owners from around the grid.

It’s time to visit some Organized Confusion.  Zandi Moe has a wonderfully disorienting store, displaying her furniture in the open air rather than confined within rigid walls.  Each set of furniture is grouped as a coordinated set complete with accessories, and it’s fun to wander through the area exploring the different colors and styles.  For the treasure hunt, you need to search for the LaLa Chic Living Room Day Bed.  The whitewashed wooden frame is marked with signs of distress and use.  Bold black and white cushions cover the seat, accented with bright green pillows.  It comes with pose balls, but they hide with a click.  The day bed is part of a complete shabby chic living room set that is just as eclectic and aged.  Lying on the bed, it’s easy to imagine the set in a beach house with salt-tinged breezes blowing through the open windows.

One of the newer designs at Organized Confusion is this exotic white tiger collection.   Give your home the feel of the jungle.  Stretch out on a curvy sofa, like a satisfied cat.  Sit in the angular chairs, ready to pounce.  Watch the flickering flames in the fireplace.  Adjust the sleek black floor lamp to just the right light level.  In the display, Zandi has included all the accessories needed to complete the look, including a print of the inspirational white tiger.  Rest a bit, or prowl about if you desire, but our safari will be moving along soon, and this time we’re headed north.

In this treasure hunt competition, we ask you to find as many prim counts as you can for each of the magazine’s treasure hunt items.  Email the prim counts as well your avatar name to  Please also include your answer the tiebreaker question which you can find in the magazine on page 90.  The winner will be the person who is closest to an accurate prim count, and in the event of a tie, the tiebreaker question will be used.  Your answers are due by September 1, 2008. Please remember – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize!  Have fun and find as many as you can.  Keep watching these clues for help.

See our earlier clues here:

Summer Treasure Hunt – Clue 1: Rustica

Good luck with your entry!

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