Summer Treasure Hunt – Clue 4: Temasek

The Summer 2008 issue of Prim Perfect magazine is now available, and with it comes another Treasure Hunt competition!  This time we’re searching for items created by TWELVE talented designers.  For each item, you need to visit the store, find the item, and uncover its prim count. Instructions on finding the prim count can be found on our Treasure Hunt Information Page.  If you accept this challenge, you could win something from the Prim Perfect prize cabinet, generously donated by talented designers and store owners from around the grid.

‘Temasek’ comes from the Javanese language, meaning ‘Sea Town’.  This was the name given to an early settlement in what is now Singapore.  Temasek is also an island estate managed by Veritas Raymaker where people can learn about the history, ecology, and culture of Singapore.  The buildings and natural features of the lush island are based on things that can be found in Singapore.

The building beyond the welcome signs is the visitor center, a good place to begin for both the exploration of the island and the treasure hunt.  There is a large map of Temasek as well as information about Singapore.  The island has residential chalets for rent, some light commercial areas, a dance floor, and a place for lectures.  The natural beauty of the island is the real attraction.  There are many ways to tour the island – on foot, by boat, in a buggy, or a whirly-putter.  If I may make a recommendation, get an overview first with a ride in the Temasek Tourer.  I promise it’ll give you a unique view of the island.

In this treasure hunt competition, we ask you to find as many prim counts as you can for each of the magazine’s treasure hunt items.  Email the prim counts as well your avatar name to  Please also include your answer the tiebreaker question which you can find in the magazine on page 90.  The winner will be the person who is closest to an accurate prim count, and in the event of a tie, the tiebreaker question will be used.  Your answers are due by September 1, 2008. Please remember – you don’t necessarily have to find every prim count to win a prize!  Have fun and find as many as you can.  Keep watching these clues for help.

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Good luck with your entry!

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