Photo Contest goes East to Beautiful Singapore

The most original photography contest on the grid changes pace today as our theme “An Isle East“, takes us to the lovely sim of Temasek. Created as a labor of love by Veritas Raymaker, Temasek shows the beauty, culture and history of the island of Singapore.

Singapore is one of those rare locations where cultures melt together to form a unique new creation. Its roots in Malay, Chinese, Javanese and English culture find expression in its foods, dress, customs and languages. On Temasek, you can find many features that will give you an authentic experience of the real Singapore — don’t miss Fort Temasek, the Peranakan shophouses, the fishing village — Kampung Laut, and the mudflats.

Veritas has succeeded magnificently in combining well-placed informational notecards with a sophisticated self-guiding tour (don’t miss the Whirly-Putter ride at [176,131,24]). No matter when you come, you can spend a happy interval awash in the loveliness that is Temasek.

Today’s photographers will find plenty of opportunities to evoke the beauty and feel of this marvelous island.

Remember, for details of the contest, visit the website. For questions or problems, please contact Davon Westland or Diva Regina.


  1. Temasek – a nice choice for a photo shoot location!

    side note: The feature for this posts photos is pretty cool, however, the photos do not show up in my RSS reader. Now it seems I have to come to the web site to see the photos 😦

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