And Presenting . . . the Winners!

The Orange Fashion Photo Contest presented a new challenge each day, and many of the grid’s most talented photographers rose handsomely to the occasion. Over 250 photos were submitted throughout the week, and the difficult task of the jury was to choose the best entries for each daily theme, and an overall Grand Prix for the best of the show. In addition, a Consistency prize was awarded to a photographer who submitted an entry every day and showed solid quality every day, perhaps without winning any single day’s competition.

First, with no further ado, let’s introduce you to our daily winners from whom the Grand Prix winner was chosen:

Daily Awards

Monday: Swinging Sixties

Wren Carling and her team beautifully captured the London look and psychedelic feel of the era. Our very helpful liaison with the London sim team was Brie Janick, who extended matchless hospitality during our visit.

Second place: Rhi Rossini
Third place: Gweneth Lange

Tuesday: Living By the Sea
Onboard the Galaxy

Once again, Wren Carling captured the combination of elegance and casual life on a cruise with a unique point of view. The Galaxy (all 3 sims worth) was magnificently created by Bill Stirling.

Second place: Gweneth Lange
Third place: Tara Yeats

Wednesday: An Isle East

Photographer Trinidad Anatine used Veritas Raymaker’s inspired depiction of the island nation of Singapore to advantage, communicating beauty and mystery.

Second place: Hallie Larson
Third place: Gweneth Lange

Thursday: Artistic Fantasy
La Reve

Monroe Snook headed a particularly stellar group of entries as the surreal and wonderful surroundings of Lash Xevious’ imagination inspired today’s contestants to great heights. This work is titled “Audience“.

Second Place: Monroe Snook for Glass Wall
Third Place: Trinidad Anatine

Friday: All That Jazz

Sunset Jazz Club, Alexandria (on Laurel Arts)

Trinidad Anatine once again captured the title with her portrayal of the haunting look beneath the frantic gaiety of the Jazz Age. Circe Broom is the gracious club hostess.

Second Place: DixMix Source
Third Place: Monroe Snook

Major Awards

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the results of our 2 major awards of the week.

The prize for Most Consistent Artist was given to the photographer who entered every day of the competition and who, while perhaps not winning the top award on any given day, showed consistently excellent artistry throughout the competition.

The Most Consistent Artist award was presented to Gweneth Lange, whose entries throughout the week can be viewed here.

Finally, although the competition was fierce and the decision difficult, the Grand Prix award for the most outstanding photograph of the week was presented to Trinidad Anatine, for her Isle East entry, Singapore By Boat which can be seen above as the winner of the Wednesday daily competition.

Hearty congratulations are due to all the entrants who worked so hard all week and created such fabulous pictures for our enjoyment.

* * * * *

All the award winning photos are on display at the amphitheater on Orange Island throughout the month of September. Stay tuned to Prim Perfect Magazine where interviews (and perhaps future work of some of the finalists!) will be appearing in upcoming issues.

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